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          NEWS Industry news
          Jinli: after using the integrated kitchen, we should pay attention to these points.
          發布時間:2018-04-09 15:55:03??

           The emerging integrated kitchen as a kitchen appliance commonly used in kitchen life is of high frequency, so we should pay special attention to the use of specifications in the process of using. After all, the integrated kitchen is one of the electrical appliances, there are also more or less other electrical appliances, the same security risks, the following points please read carefully, and in the daily life of strict practice!


          First, do not place flammable products above and around the kitchen area, such as sprayers, carpet, rag and so on. No flasks such as curtains can be used for windows near kitchen utensils.

          1、Pay attention to avoid scald, use process or use, except knob because of high temperature, please do not contact directly with hand, and do not put knife, fork, spoon and other good heat transfer metal items on the kitchen stove.

          2、Do not cover the large iron plate, stone and other items as auxiliary objects on the integrated environmental protection cooking food, so as to avoid overheating or abnormal combustion accidents, avoid using barrier panels to cover the flame; and in the process of use, often check whether the flame is normal combustion. Windows or ventilator must be opened to keep the air in circulation. After use, please extinguish the integrated environmental protection stove and turn off the total gas valve.


          Two, please use qualified professional gas hose, and disable ordinary rubber hose with poor elasticity and poor durability.

          1、Always check whether the interface of the hose is solid, if there is any fracture or aging, it should be replaced in time.

          2、When installing, tighten the gas pipe and prevent the intake pipe from falling off. The special rubber hose life is one year and should be replaced in time.

          3、If leakage occurs, please turn off the gas valve immediately, then open the window and let the gas out. Never turn on any electrical appliances and everything that might spark. And contact with the local maintenance center.


          Three, the disinfection cabinet, the oil sucking machine part

          1、Please use the socket with rated current more than 10A, and there must be reliable grounding.;

          2、Do not use when the power is not normal, otherwise it will cause fire and electric shock.

          3、Apart from professional repair technicians, do not self dismantle and repair.

          4、If it is not suitable for a long time, please remove the power plug.

          5、As far as possible, leave some space between tableware and tableware, so that the effect of disinfection and drying is better.

          6、Tableware and rubber items with temperature less than 70 degrees Celsius can not be placed in the disinfection cabinet.

            Every one should pay attention to the details, which relates to the health and safety of himself and the family, can not be overlooked. Use the integrated kitchen correctly and enjoy the environment friendly kitchen cooking life.


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