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          NEWS Industry news
          Jinli integrated kitchen tells you how to join a brand.
          發布時間:2018-04-09 16:27:13??

           In the integrated kitchen brand franchise, we will try to talk about what conditions do you need to join a brand, and what kind of process is it joining? In fact, the brand is a doorway, not only to clear the strength of the brand, but also to clear their strength, to see whether they can meet the brand, or the industry to join the requirements, so that it will not make their own blind franchise after the heart.

          So for the industry of integrated kitchen, before joining, intention dealers first need to know the following five points whether they have the strength to do so.

           First, recognize the headquarters brand and business philosophy and trust its products.

           Two, has certain economic strength and ability to develop the market.

           Three, we can independently develop the market and carry out the market operation according to the development plan of the head office.

           Four, accept headquarters training and management, and regularly promote sales and communication.

          Five, a natural person or a person with civil liability.

           If these five points can be achieved, congratulations on the basic conditions for joining the integrated kitchen industry. Next is to know what the specific process of joining is.

            Franchisees can understand basic information of projects by visiting affiliate fee query network. Investigate the business status of the headquarters stores and other franchisees, and then discuss the intention to join them at headquarters. To confirm the intention of joining, we need to apply for the application as soon as possible, and fill in the application form. Sign the contract of joining, pay the expenses, issue the certificate of authorization and the certificate of opening shop. We will guide and evaluate whether the franchisees choose the store locations, so as to help the franchisees to choose the right place to shop. According to the store location, tailored store renovation plans, full support and monitoring of the shop decoration. According to the business plan in advance, sending staff to headquarters outlets throughout the store accepted practice training. Will our headquarters assist you in the opening up process, such as ordering various materials and making plans for opening business? We should do well in the service and reception work on the opening day, and clarify the support policies of the later headquarters.


            Where there is a business opportunity, there is often a crisis, so joining the integrated kitchen brand is a road of wealth with the risk. In the early stage of joining, the dealer will have a certain understanding of the industry and find out the suitable brand (for example: Jinli integrated kitchen) to carry on the field investigation and strive to make his own fortune in the future. The road is more smooth.


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